A room with a view... The 2nd Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

A room with a view... The 2nd Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

Yes, yes I know it is not the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the wilder beasts are obviously all tucked up in bed but this place is amazing. Jeremy Clarkson would wear a dress for a week to have a hotel room like this with a balcony overlooking the Abu Dhabi F1 racing circuit. The circuit winds its way past the hotel, then under it – it has to be seen first hand to be appreciated.

At this point I was going to write in detail about my delayed flight due to an engine problem. I don’t care now as I am here at the second Abu Dhabi Yacht Show. This year the organisers have really pushed the boat out and brought all the elements together to create a super show. Many of our clients are here from New Zealand, USA and all of the big yards and brokers from across Europe. Exhibition space is at least 60% bigger this year and spread over a much wider area, the walking will do my diet the world of good!

This evening Oceanco are hosting a party and fashion show and after that there are another half dozen party opportunities…decisions, decisions! Tomorrow we have meetings set with our existing clients and some new ones. I hope to be able to tell you which superyachts have been sold and what the gossip was from the evening’s events.

For those people visiting tomorrow, don’t forget the show starts at 14:00 and finishes at 22:00. I am sure you will appreciate it is a long day… good job I packed my sandwiches! ME

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Latest update: This evening Elie Saab in collaboration with Weyves Couture and Oceanco unveiled the first of three megayachts to be designed by the Lebanese designer – the ES 117 – at the high-profile launch event just moments ago. Tomorrow you will see the pictures and you will not see a dress for miles…I am sure somebody said it was a fashion show, must get a new hearing aid!