Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

They say the web is an opportunity for us all to amplify human nature, our own and others. Whilst most of my friends would agree I am an extremely complex character, who may benefit from an explosion of shared reflection or an opportunity to inform you all of the latest pattern on my tie, I feel I will never engage with my blog beyond thoughts and theories concerning the superyacht industry.

However, I was intrigued by the one hundred emails I have received during the past few weeks. They are all concerned as to my welfare, wondering what has happened to my blog, with some enquiring as to the state of my heath. I have in fact celebrated my 50th birthday, and before you consider why it has taken the best part of six months since my last blog, I should stress that I have been giving my undivided attention to the hard copy publication of SuperYacht World. ‘Burning the midnight oil’ is an underestimation of the resources required by all those concerned with creating a magazine now recognised as a leader in its field – or should I say pond, sea, ocean. Enough of this self adoration; my blue blazer is weighed down with self-presented medals.

I should now take the opportunity to introduce you to the second Abu Dhabi Yacht Show. You may recall my ramblings from almost a year ago, many of which were fuelled be the hubbly bubbly pipe. I should add at this point the tobacco was simply infused with peach and locally grown herbs, parsley and rosemary – you get the picture.

Ah, drifting again, a sudden lack of wind that is soon to be addressed by my diet in the Middle East. The ADYS this year has moved to a new location on YAS Island, a recently developed piece of sandy land. Certainly the YAS Island development has attracted great international interest over the past year. In November we had the unveiling during the first F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

We are now set for a marvellous show within these world-class facilities, a superyacht marina and an F1 circuit with the luxury YAS Hotel spanning the finishing straight – it simply must be experienced! So, during the next few weeks I will bring you some of the build up to the show and I will blog every day during the show. As a taster, take a look a the Abu Dhabi feature we published a few issues ago and please visit the show website.