Dominic-MillmanName: Dominic Millman, sales broker at Burgess.

CV: I have always had an interest in sailing but my connection with the superyacht sector came after my time in the Royal Navy, which I joined from university in 1993, specialising in oceanography. In 2003, I was introduced to Burgess by Peter Brown, who is still a sales broker here. It was a great time to join Burgess, with the industry about to fly.

My most memorable sale: Some sales can be very long and drawn out – scores of yacht visits over a number of years are needed to find just the right yacht for the client. But this particular sale was memorable for how quickly it was concluded.

I took my client out to see a 50-metre motor yacht off St Jean, then we took the tender back to shore and adjourned for lunch – just the two of us. There’s nothing too surprising here, until you understand that my client spoke no English and I spoke no Russian.

We were enjoying lunch, and the client then wrote a number on a napkin, which he handed to me. I at once got on the phone. Lunch carried on for another course and another bottle of wine, while we continued to negotiate over the language barrier with pencil and napkin. This involved the client crossing out the original number and writing a new one.

This process went on through several courses and several bottles of wine, but I am happy to report that an agreement was reached before lunch was over. In seven days, the client had his yacht.

The one I wish I’d kept: The 63-metre Feadship Lady Britt, built in 2011. This was a journey with a client that took five years, and it was a fantastic project to see evolve over that time.


Yacht of the month: Andreas L – a wonderful 60-metre Benetti that has completed her Lloyd’s five-year survey. She has room for 14 guests and would make a very successful charter yacht.


Asking: €32 million