Yesterday saw the official unveiling of the MarNav Program, a new system of fractional superyacht ownership.

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Its founder, Werner Trotz, calculates that for the price of one small superyacht, owners can have access to five, ranging in size from 35 metres to a 60-metre explorer vessel. With the optimum nine owners per program, five superyachts on five continents will offer all the excitement and variety of chartering, but with the benefit of ownership.

A central agency will deal with all the day-to-day issues (and any arising problems) of conventional ownership. Operating costs are to be equally shared among the owners and a sought after economy of scale achieved through volume purchasing and already negotiated fixed fleet rates.

A further benefit is the removal of costly and time-consuming ocean crossings, the result of having the five yachts in five strategic locations around the world.

The program is to be unveiled to potential buyers in October. It hopes to showcase an ownership model tailored to the economic climate and demands of the modern owner.