Our journeys are often focused on increased efficiency rather than enrichment, but some superyacht owners are increasingly hunting for experiences rather than just holidays. Here is where EYOS Expeditions comes in. The company was founded by former commercial cruise industry employees who wanted to give people the confidence to take their yacht where few venture.

Superyacht owners are often ahead of the curve in terms of their interpretation of exclusivity. “People don’t necessarily want to be surrounded at all times by other yachts. If you go to a good restaurant in Monaco, that’s memorable. But stroking a grey whale in Baja? That’s once in a lifetime. We think privilege is about getting to go where nobody else can go, where no one else knows about,” explains EYOS CEO, Ben Lyons. “We were only the third foreign ship to have been to the Arctic island of Novaya Zemlya in 60 years. Upon arrival, we were greeted by three polar bears converging to feast on a seal carcass.We often operate in areas with limited infrastructure and it’s not about going from marina to marina. A lot of the regions we go to are inherently dangerous.”

Check out the gallery below for some stunning images of their recent superyacht adventures.

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