Allergy-friendly yacht charters

Allergy-friendly yacht charters

Megisti Blue has revealed that guests of M/Y Proteus and M/Y Iris will benefit from industry-leading allergy-friendly surfaces on board, a feature unseen on many other charter yachts.

Every surface, every fabric and even the air on these yachts is treated to remove 99% of pollutants from the air, making it easy to breath. This also offers protection from other irritants such as viruses, bacteria and mould, and removes odours.

“Guests will notice a refreshing difference upon entering the cabin, will feel more comfortable in the improved air surroundings and experience a sense of peace knowing they’re in an environment where the presence of viruses and bacteria is significantly reduce,” explained a spokesperson.

Known as ‘The Allergy-Friendly Cabin’, the concept includes chemical-free cleaning, high ozone shock treatment and breathable, washable mattresses and inner pillow covers, all of which aid to the comfort of charter guests.

“All brokers that visited the yachts in the Poros Charter Yach Show were really impressed and confirmed that they haven’t found this on another yacht,” said a Megisti Blue spokesperson.