Forget the industrial surroundings: this huge, snaking slide will soon be doing service in sunnier climes, hooked up to the upper parts of a superyacht in a favourite anchorage. Superyacht Tenders and Toys has partnered with Freestyle Cruiser to produce the custom-made 12.6-metre-long S-shaped Cruiser slide. It’s one of two identical slides that will go into service aboard a 70-metre superyacht, to be deployed either side of the helideck.

The slides were completely custom built to the owner’s requirements, which included the unique shape. Usual Cruiser features include strong and lightweight Airstairs and ergonomic handles. Each slide comes with a three-year warranty and is designed for convenient deployment by the crew. “Slide design has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, with lighter and stronger materials being used. This is a very exciting project, and we are looking forward to delivering these on board and seeing them in use,” says Superyacht Tenders and Toys founder Josh Richardson.