The punitive daily visiting tax on yachts in Italian waters has been withdrawn, giving a timely boost to the charter sector before the season starts. The tax was introduced late last year, drawing widespread fire from the marine trade in Italy and the superyacht industry, and forcing some yachts moored in Italian waters to move. It was applied to all yachts passing through or visiting Italian waters.

Following a successful lobbying campaign by the Italian marine trade association UCINA and other bodies, the Italian government has now passed an amendment in legislation that liberalises a number of tax laws, meaning that the rules will apply only to yachts owned by Italian nationals.

Had the tax remained in place, private yachts would have been facing extra daily taxes on a sliding scale based on length. This included charges of over €370 per day for a yacht between 44 and 55 metres, and over €700 per day per for a yacht over 64 metres.

“We are pleased that foreign pleasure boaters can now organise their holidays in our seas without having to pay any additional charges. Nautical tourism from abroad is an important resource for our country. Therefore, we may now continue to offer overseas pleasure boaters the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary natural beauty of our coastlines, as well as the services, facilities and warm welcome Italian hospitality is renowned for,” says Anton Francesco Albertoni, president of UCINA.