If a superyacht is the ultimate opportunity for escape, a private jet is an essential tool for getting you to where the yacht is in as comfortable, stress free and timely way possible. Our friends at Priority One Jets have been selecting the best places to arrive in your private jet for the pefect charter holiday or private cruise.

Necker Island British Virgin Is
1. Necker Island
To reach this jewel in the BVI’s crown fly in to either Beef Island or Virgin Gorda, and then it’s a short transfer by tender or helicopter to Necker, Sir Richard Branson’s stunningly well-appointed private retreat, where you can even have access to the Necker Belle sailing superyacht and the Necker Nymph mini-submarine.

Getting there:Boeing Business Jet
A Boeing Business Jet is perfect for arriving in style with your friends and family, and with its 9,000-mile-plus range you’ll be able to get there from just about anywhere.

0Koh Samui
2.  Koh Samui, Thailand
This island escape situated a short distance from Bangkok can provide the ideal vacation for almost any traveller.  Visitors can explore the islands natural treasures including majestic waterfalls and pristine beaches or visit Big Buddha Temple where a 12-metre high gold statue is waiting to greet them.  At night, jetsetter parties transform relaxing spa days into fun-filled evenings.

Getting there: Fly to Samui airport in the Bombardier Challenger 605
With the widest body of any jet in its class, you can travel in style while staying fully connect during your flight.  The Challenger 605 boasts a high definition in-flight entertainment system allowing passengers to arrive relaxed and refreshed.

3.  Kruger National Park, South Africa
Visitors can indulge in a magical and unique travel experience when they tour one of Africa’s legendary wildlife reserves, flying to Kruger Park Lodge’s private airstrip or three airports within the park.  Thrilling game drives and exotic walking safaris are just two of many diverse choices that are available to travellers as they embark on their sub-Saharan adventure.  Luxurious accommodations can be found complete with swimming pool and spa amenities.

0Gulfstream 650
Getting there: Gulfstream 650
The newest member of the Gulfstream fleet can travel at speeds up to Mach .925, approaching the speed of sound, getting you to even the most remote destinations with fewer fuel stops.  This aircraft is also equipped with Synthetic Vision Primary Display, a 3D colour image overlaid with primary flight display — making the flight path always visible to pilots, no matter the outside conditions.

4.  Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand
Known for breathtaking views and a picturesque landscape, Kauri Cliffs is home to a world renowned par 72 PGA championship golf course designed and built by David Harmon.  Located in the remote north island of New Zealand, this exclusive location is an ideal destination for those travelers seeking impeccable accommodations, gourmet meals and a plethora of activities. Fly to Kerikeri Airport.

0Hawker 800
Getting there: Hawker 800
One of the most popular mid-size private jets in the world, this stylish aircraft delivers luxury and comfort to its passengers.  Offering stand-up headroom throughout the cabin’s entire length, this aircraft can accommodate up to eight passengers.  The Hawker 800XP is equipped with fully adjustable seats and dining tables, so you can travel in style to their destination.

5.  Las Terrenas, Samana, Dominican Republic
For luxury travellers looking for an island escape, Las Terranas may be the Dominican Republic’s best kept secret.  This exclusive location offers undeveloped white sand beaches, beautiful palm trees, perfect balmy weather and the world’s largest coconut plantation.  In contrast to typical large resorts, the island offers smaller boutique style hotels, quirky cafes and bars with a boho/carefree vibe.

Getting there: fly to Portillo on the Learjet 85
Designed to optimise productivity and comfort for its passengers, the Learjet 85’s sophisticated interior is equipped with fully reclining seats in a larger, more comfortable cabin than its predecessors.  The all-composite airframe requires less maintenance while smoother aerodynamics minimizes drag, improving performance and passenger satisfaction.