Feadship has designed a concept superyacht with the late scientist Albert Einstein in mind. The playful brief tasked designers with imagining how Einstein could use a superyacht to continue his work and spread his knowledge across the world.

“One of Einstein’s many famous quotes is that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’,” says Francis Vermeer, head of marketing at Feadship. “With the Relativity concept, Feadship offers a theoretical blend of innovation and know-how that could be transformed into reality.”

Albert einstein superyacht Feadship
The concept features an open-plan ‘society deck’, where Einstein could deliver presentations in a special auditorium. The outdoor spaces of this deck feature a ‘think tank’ with a special infinity path that winds around the deck.

The deck above, named the ‘intelligence deck’ has six ‘scientist cells’, designed to allow the guests to ponder without distraction.

The ‘family deck’ above that would remain a private area for Einstein’s friends and family, who would stay in VIP suites and enjoy separate dining and lounge areas.

Albert einstein superyacht Feadship
The concept designs show some fresh thinking from Feadship including a pop-up wheelhouse and the ability to hide tenders behind the structure rather than storing them in the bow or lazarette.

Perhaps most interesting of all is that a Schilling rudder is added to the propellers aft. The concept is designed so that the rudders, when paired, will allow the propeller thrust to be fully reversed. It will also facilitate steering at angles of up to 70 degrees.