Launched at the Monaco Yacht Show, the platform aims to provide the owner with a choice of how to enjoy their yacht.

Choice offers the owners of this Feadship concept options in how to cruise their yacht. The platform consists of a 74.5-metre mothership with two 24.5-metre tenders, Freedom Won and Freedom Too, incorporated onto either side, providing fast propulsion as a whole package or autonomous cruising vessels.

If guests are in a hurry to reach a destination, they can cruise at speed to the location and the mothership can follow along behind at a more leisurely pace. The tenders also enable mooring in harbours and bays that a normal 75-metre yacht might not be able to fit into. “Taken together, these elements allow Choice to enhance and multiply the number of experiences for those on board while consuming less fuel,” says Ruud Bakker, senior designer at Feadship. “Compared to an 80-metre Feadship, Choice would offer 29% savings on fuel while providing 17% more time for owners and guests to enjoy their time at anchor.”


The platform also includes a two person drone on the upper deck and an amphibious beach house which detaches. “The essence of our thinking on Choice is recognition that the ability to transform a yacht while underway is becoming ever-more important to owners,” says Bakker. “As well as the wealth of choices Feadship clients have before and during the building process, our aim with this new concept is to give even more options once they are on board. The 74.5-metre Choice facilitates autonomous exploration in new and refreshing ways.”

The concept also launches the Feadship Independent Control System, or FICS, which is an autonomous control platform that is designed to free up the captains and crew and enable the yacht’s systems to run on their own. The system uses sensor technology and real-time online data such as wave radar,
weather forecasts and traffic information to gather information on the surrounding conditions. Intelligent control processes deploy this data to determine how the yacht should best respond. Examples include defining the most suitable route to sail, optimising comfort at anchor, finding the best location to detach the tenders, advice on using the beach club and pool, and notifying when it is safe to take off with the drone.

Thanks to the new system, there is also no need for a large bridge which uses up valuable real estate, and instead a small bridge salon with minor technical systems for steering is included instead.