The latest design from the innovative board of Eduard Gray of Gray Design is the 75-metre Xhibitionist, which looks at first like the stylish offspring of a superyacht and a supercar.

The hull is described as an inverted trimaran, and the sportscar influence is clear to see (indeed, Gray has designed the Xhibit-G supercar to compliment Xhibitionist). The yacht is, unsurprisingly, packed with innovations. Huge solar panels open out of the superstructure like the hood of a giant sports car, providing a source of power, but they are also, Gray suggests, capable of acting as a helipad or a stage.

At the bow there is a viewing window on the sea, while the engineroom – home to the yacht’s hybrid drives – is housed behind glass walls, making it a feature in itself. Evening lighting is by OceanLED.

Gray has configured the Xhibitionist’s interior for dual use – as a conventional space for guests when required but also with the capability to convert to a floating showroom (shown above). Gray underlines the yacht’s potential as “a working asset”. The central staircase by Cornish Stairways adds a homely familiarity to the main salon/exhibition room and the Baccarat lighting perfectly complements the subtle Art-Nouveau styling, he says.

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