A superyacht is its own self-contained floating paradise, but what if you need a change of scene? Three Spirits is a floating hotel, comprised of three separate ‘boats’ each with a different feature: one has a ballroom, one a casino, and the third an intriguingly named ‘hall of multifunctional purposes’.

The Starship Enterprise of the sea, Three Spirits hovers over the water

The aforementioned hall is fit for theatre performances and film screenings and although each ship functions independently, when anchored together they create an enclosed central pool for swimming and diving. The flaoting hotel also boasts underwater quarters, where guests can watch marine life from the comfort of their rooms and each of the three can be self- sufficient for up to a month.The project’s designer Filip Kurzewski, a masters student at Warsaw University of Technology, was inspired by his own diving experiences and created the sculptures to resemble mystical creatures on the horizon. It all sounds just about strange enough to work.