Dennis Frederiksen

Dennis Frederiksen

Name: Dennis Frederiksen, sales broker, Fraser Yachts

CV: I grew up in Sweden where I started sailing at an early age, and left in 1983 to seek a career in the yachting industry. I started off as engineer and electrician before taking my first position as a captain. In 1996 I was offered a sales broker position at Fraser Yachts in Monaco, which I happily accepted. I live in Monaco with my wife and two children, and we spend our spare time sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter.

My most memorable sale: I started with Fraser Yachts five days before the 1996 Monaco Yacht Show. My superiors had told me that it could be a while before my first transaction and advised me to be patient. I didn’t want to be patient, so I met my first client during the show and closed my first transaction five weeks later, on what at the time was thought of as a large yacht.

That year I won Fraser’s Broker of the Year Award! Four years later I sold the same client a yacht twice the size. I am fortunate that three-quarters of my transactions are from repeat customers or referrals from existing clients, and I remember all my deals as if they were yesterday, which helps me draw on the experience for my new ones.

A profession as a yacht broker suits me very well. Sailing is my passion so I enjoy selling large sailing yachts; I also love being on and around boats and keeping in contact with old and new friends involved in the industry.

This feature is taken from the November/December 2011 edition of SuperYacht World. Click here to buy the issue for your iPad.