Private chef placement agency PCI (Private Chefs Inc) has launched a concierge dining event service, the Billionaire’s Dining Club. The service includes the arrangement of not only a private chef from the agency’s 3,000-strong books matched personally to the client, but also every detail of the meal, from lighting to table linens to A-list music performers. Clients can be served anywhere in the world, either at home, on board or elsewhere.

The new initiative launched in May and so far 12 events have been arranged, with more lined up. Past events have included a meal served on a superyacht in the Mediterranean for a Middle Eastern client, which included one of PCI’s other clients, a top female recording artist, singing Happy Birthday. The agency works with artists including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Prince and Jay-Z.

There was also, says PCI founder and president Christian Paier, a logistically challenging dinner on a private island in the Pacific. Speciality china was flown in by private jet and PCI also arranged to transport high-end waiters and waitresses from the next island, several hours’ flight away, as the client wanted local staff only.

Michelin-starred chef Robert Cortez is creative director of the initiative. “Chef Cortez has collaborated with artists on every asect of the dinner experience, even designing exceptional dinnerware,” says Paier. The experience, which costs from $2,800 per guest (plus drinks, chef travel, tableware shipping and extras), begins with a consultation with Cortez and the only limitations are budget and a client’s imagination.