This year’s Baselworld (March 8-15) will be showcasing the wares of over 1,800 companies in the watch and jewellery sector, and we are expecting a breathtaking line-up of innovative timepieces. Many watchmakers are keeping their powder dry until the show opens, but we know some of the likely show-stoppers.


Ulysse Nardin's practical Blue Toro



Ulysse Nardin’s Blue Toro is a practical watch that is suitable for everday use. Limited to 99 pieces, the striking watch is in 18-carat gold and comes with a blue ceramic dial. The hour hand adjusts with one push to a new timezone, while the arrow hand points to one’s ‘home’ time. The watch has a power reserve of 45 hours.




The touchscreen HD3 Slyde




A star of last year’s show in prototype form was the HD3 Slyde – a touchscreen timepiece with downloadable apps to match. We’re looking forward to catching up with production versions of this unique timepiece.







Blancpain's St-Valentin 2012 has 37 jewels


Blancpain’s portfolio this year includes the Saint-Valentin 2012, decorated with 37 jewels. The mother-of-pearl dial and hearts are set with eight diamonds. It’s produced in a limited edition of 14.










The Kudoke Golden Dragon


The Kudoke Golden Dragon is designed by Stefan Kudoke and features a gold-plated dragon hand-engraved out of a sterling silver dial.







Though the show is mainly an opportunity for watch and jewellery-makers to form trade links with retailers and distributors there is also a healthy presence of watch aficionados looking to add to their collections.

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