Jetway pop-up hotelImagine you’re en route to a far-flung destination (maybe one of our top five places to visit by private jet?) and your plane needs to stop to refuel.

Well thanks to Margo Krasojevic‘s portable pop-up hotel hangar you can have all the benefits of a luxury hotel in the middle of the most isolated corners of the world.

Jetway is designed to be placed alongside a private-jet on an airstrip. The lightweight extension provides a place to rest and refresh whilst the plane is refuelled. A small lounge, bathroom, sleeping quarters and walkway can be programmed to create immersive, noise-cancelling environments and the smart design accumulates rain water which is filtered and used by the hotel room service.

The module accommodation caters to early arrivals before departure as well as connecting flights and the cantilevering shade wing retracts into the main structure when you’re ready to leave.

Check out these incredible designs in our gallery below: