Millionaire safe

Comes in brass-covered mahogany or solid gold

An extraordinary piece, this Millionaire Safe from Portuguese designers Boca do Lobo is designed to look impenetrable.

Made from solid mahogany coated in polished brass and dipped in gold, the look that the designer Filipa Mendonca has gone for is that the piece has been resistant to successive break-in attempts and bears the marks and dents to prove it.

Owners, however, might want to think twice about what they lock up inside the vault if they keep it on board their superyacht: made in a limited edition of 20, the piece is almost shiny enough to require a safe of its own.

Inside are lockable drawers, hidden compartments and, in the words of the company, “secrets to be unveiled only by time itself”. The safe “promptly takes us to scenes strongly creased in our memory, enriched by today’s visual culture,” adds its creator.

It is an imposing piece, too, standing at a metre-and-a-half tall and 80cm wide.

It is priced €27,300, and there is also a solid-gold version at €2.3 million.