Ten new marinas are planned to be developed around Istanbul over the next five years as part of a major expansion of maritime infrastructure around the city being considered by the Istanbul Municipality. Five of the marinas are proposed for the European side and five for the Asian side.

Along with the marinas will be a number of ferry terminal facilities to upgrade the city’s ferry services that play an essential part in the city’s life. The marinas will provide extra berths, which are needed for both local yachtsmen and visiting boats as Istanbul becomes and increasingly popular destination. Attracting more superyachts is central to the strategy and an, as yet, unspecified number of berths for larger yachts will be provided as part of this huge project.

With the decline in shipping and shipbuilding, tourism is having to take an increasing role of generating revenues for the state. Marine leisure, including superyachts, is a major element in Turkey’s tourism sector make-up. The country already has significant expansion plans for the marine area with more marinas being developed or planned both along the Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts. Within this the state plays a key role in helping with planning and some funding with the aim for the facilities to be transferred to the private sector. Besides the involvement of superyachts in tourism Turkey is one of the world’s leading centres for large yacht construction with some 25 yards participating.

Superyacht Business / Dave Robinson,