Aston Martin superyacht concept unveiled

Aston Martin superyacht concept unveiled

Luiz de Basto has designed an Aston Martin superyacht serving as a tribute to the brand.

The Voyage 55 concept is a high performance boat inspired by the beautiful lines of the Vantage, Rapide, DBS and Virage.

Whilst the designs aren’t intended for production or commercialisation, Aston Martin has given permission for their intellectual property to be used in the designs.


“Like so many yacht designers, besides being an architect by training, I also have a passion for cars and car design,” explained Luiz de Basto. “As a yacht designer and as an Aston Martin owner, and having designed some sport boats as the Magnum 44 Banzai and 51 Bestia and the Otam 55 recently introduced, I decided to take a creative exercise and design a 55′ high performance boat.”

“I wanted the result to be not only an interesting interpretation of the famous car lines in the water but a fully functional boat, able to be built anytime upon request.”

De Basto told SuperYachtWorld: “When it comes to yacht design concepts it’s easy to transcend the laws of physics and also of the market but I tried to keep in mind one of the most appreciated qualities of the brand, a certain and special timeless feeling. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun from start to finish trying to achieve it.