Christopher Seymour reveals 96m superyacht concept Sunset Heaven

Christopher Seymour reveals 96m superyacht concept Sunset Heaven

The vessel prides itself on ‘innovative styling’ citing the design as helping to produce a more efficient hull due to its plum bow, extending the waterline to improve the displacement/length ratio.

Even the anchors are hidden to help improve the flow of water and air across the surface of the hull.

The bottom deck is the crew’s accommodation, mess, lounge, and main kitchen.

Their capacity has increased from doubled from 15% so they have more space on the vessel.

Deck one boasts the special guests suites, the main dining and lounge area and two VIP’s suites with their own fold out balcony.

It will also have the main back deck with a large pool, lounges, and sun chairs.

Deck two, is designed to allow the owner privacy, including a main suite, with a large lounge, dining, and private bar behind as well as a second kitchen.

Of course not forgetting the helipad.

Deck three, is where the bridge is located.

Although the bridge is not accessible to guests, the rest of the level will be, allowing guests on the back deck to enjoy the views.

On the top deck there will be a spa, lounge, inside bar and back deck lounge.

The official launch of the Christopher Seymour website is expected in the upcoming months.

In December it launched the 122-metre superyacht project Alpine, which boasts it will be able to travel in practically all weather conditions.