Changeable wind conditions made for some dramatic racing on the second day of the Millennium Cup

A much breezier start and the sun was shining brightly for Day 2 of the Millennium Cup. Tawera was again first off the line, followed by Janice of Wyoming, Pumula, Silvertip, Farfalla and Cavallo.
A straightforward leg up to the Ninepin Rock was then thrown completely when the wind dropped off inland, leaving Janice of Wyoming stranded and allowing the four boats behind to catch up. With the field finding itself in the becalmed spot, mere metres from each other, the race then became of one tactics and wind chasing.

Millennium Cup

Having suffered from not having a spinnaker in the downwind leg, Pumula suddenly found herself back in the fray and, after an agonising period of no wind, was able to find a breeze further off the shore. Heeling over to show off her signature flash of teal under her waterline, she was the first yacht to give an indication that the wind was back. Soon Janice of Wyoming, Silvertip, Cavallo and Farfalla had picked up the same breeze, and a sprint to the next marker saw all five boats converging in what made for fantastic close-quarters racing.

Millennium Cup
A drag-race back up to the Ninepin saw more changing of places before the final charge back to the line under the strongest breeze of the day in a nail-biting finale. Tawera again took line honours, but the battle behind was compelling. Farfalla managed to overhaul Silvertip close to line, with Cavallo, Janice of Wyoming and Pumula following.

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