Polish boatbuilder Delphia Yachts has established a new production division for the construction of luxury tenders. Work is currently underway on two new models, the Tender Limousine and Tender Open.

The 10m (33ft) Tender Limousine has an Art Deco interior and is designed to shuttle guests to large superyachts. The tender has a raised roof and leather upholstery, and is equipped with air-conditioning, refrigerator and ice machine.

The Tender Open is a 10m (33ft) recreational boat designed for sporting activities. It has, among other things, the possibility of coupling water skis.

Founded in 1990 by brothers Piotr and Wojciech Kot, Delphia Yachts claims to be Poland’s largest manufacturer of sailing boats with an eight-model range from 7.3m-14m (24ft-46ft).

The company also has a long-standing relationship with Brunswick Marine in the EMEA to manufacture a number of Quicksilver and Uttern class motorboats each year.