ECOsuperyacht offers break-through fuel additive

ECOsuperyacht offers break-through fuel additive

ECOsuperyacht, a specialist in energy efficiency and emissions management for superyachts, has teamed up with Cerion Energy to become the European distributor for the innovative, highly effective diesel fuel combustion catalyst called GO2.

GO2 is a nano-particle-based combustion catalyst that reduces fuel consumption by 8% to 13% while dramatically reducing harmful emissions and soot. The nano-particles act as an oxygen courier, by contributing and redistributing oxygen in the engine chamber during combustion, and it also accelerates the rate of combustion. In doing this, a faster, more powerful, and more complete burn occurs which requires less fuel for the same output by the engine.

The product has been successfully tested for thousands of hours in a variety of applications, and is already used in the commercial marine and rail sectors in the United States. ECOsuperyacht, who will import and distribute G02 throughout Europe, is selling it to the yachting sector for the first time.

Richard Franklin, Managing Director of ECOsuperyacht, says: “With high fuel prices and a global push for more environmentally friendly marine practices, yacht owners and managers are searching for ways to reduce their fuel bills and cut their yacht’s carbon footprint whilst extending their yacht’s range and avoiding soot problems. With GO2, we see a product that can accomplish all of these goals. We shall be recommending G02 to all our clients.”

Bruce Brown, Vice President of Yachting Business Development for Cerion says: “ECOsuperyacht has demonstrated that they have strong relationships with the European yachting community. These connections coupled with their influence and knowledge of green solutions for yachts makes them an ideal partner for Cerion Energy. Our product is currently used in the commercial marine sector in the U.S. Based on our research the private yachting sector was the natural next step for our product. The owners, engineers and captains we’ve talked to have all stated that emissions are of high concern to them, along with rising fuel costs. G02 addresses both of these concerns.”

The product is currently being trialled aboard two 50-metre superyachts.