Fiji working hard to attract more superyachts

Fiji working hard to attract more superyachts

The initiatives include increased superyacht marina capacity, new charter regulations, and a revival of the Fiji Marina Operators Association to act as a superyacht coordinating body.

“We recently held the first meeting of the association and will now record exactly how many superyachts visit us,” explains John Philp, a director of Vuda Point Marina. “Last year between 30 and 40 called and we expect at least 40 this year.”

Fiji’s new charter regulations now allow superyachts to visit and undertake chartering for up to 18 months – a repeal of previous government action that had reduced visiting times to three months.

Newly increased marina capacity includes 40 berths up to 75m at Port Denaru and a major superyacht development at Vuda Point Marina which will see 10 berths up to 65m and another 10 berths for 25m craft.

The total cost of the Vuda Point development is expected to be US$20m and the marina’s management are currently looking for an equity partner willing to invest US$3.5m.