A Frauscher superyacht tender appears in a new advert for designer-to-the-stars Roberto Cavalli.

In the short video, model Edita Vilkevičiūtė speeds across the Mediterranean in the back of a Frauscher Yachts 1017 GT, in an advert for the fashion house’s latest perfume, Paradiso.

Stefan Frauscher, co-CEO of Frauscher Yachts, says: “Cavalli conctacted us about a year ago, and we chose a spot in Mallorca to do the filming. Cavalli was looking for a beautiful boat which fitted with the aesthetic idea of ‘Paradiso’, their new parfum. So they chose Frauscher Yachts!”

Frauscher Yachts

The boats have been made in Austria since 1927, by three generations of the same family. The 1017 GT model can reach over 50 knots with the biggest engine option. As well as serving as an elegant superyacht tender, the 10.2-metre can operate as a dayboat, with a twin cabin, dayhead and shower, and galley below.

Frauscher Yachts

Credit: Director: Jonas Akerlund, Production: Soixan7e Quin5e