Ghost Yachts announce the first full hybrid superyacht

Ghost Yachts announce the first full hybrid superyacht

Nearly a year after the presentation of Ghost Yachts’ Ghost G180, the team of Ghost Yachts and the Italian design studio Gloss Design joined forces with Imtech Marine & Offshore on the development of the Ghost G180H, the first full hybrid superyacht. The G180H is the company’s next step towards more sustainable, innovative and efficient superyachts.

Ghost Yachts used its Ghost G180 platform for the hybrid yacht. Its Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) by Van Oossanen & Associates offers the required efficiency to operate a large yacht with a relatively modest propulsion power.

During the development of the system, Imtech managed to unravel the initial complexity of the Hybrid system and shaped it into a compact and sensible unit. Ghost Yachts reduced the required technical space by dividing the Hybrid’s technical space into two levels. The silent parts of the hybrid system like the Power Electronics Panels, batteries, and main switchboard are located on the lower deck while the four Volvo Penta D16G generators are located in an insulated engine bay underneath the electronics room.

The Ghost G180H is propelled by two completely new electric Voith Inline Propulsors (VIP) of 750kw each. These high efficiency hubless steerable pods have an integrated electric motor and eliminate the need for propeller shafts and rudders. The Voith VIP’s and Imtech’s Hybrid system result in an extremely silent and vibration free propulsion system.

The G180H has been thoroughly reviewed to learn about the power consumption in navigation and at anchor. The prime consumers have been reviewed to see how much power could potentially be saved. To reduce the power requirement for the chillers and fancoils the G180H’s windows are coated with a ceramic film that blocks out up to 80% of the sun’s heat producing infrared light.

The main salon and dining room are equipped with four generous lateral sliding doors which provide access for a natural breeze that flows through the superstructure. The layout will create a more natural and balanced climate inside this large space by virtually connecting it to the outside areas.

Van Berge Henegouwen reworked the AV and communications systems to optimise power consumption. A thorough review of the systems’ components and the extensive use of LED lighting guaranteed a lower energy consumption.

Ghost Yachts has compared the G180H to a number of modern displacement yachts with a comparable length and volume. The overall fuel consumption was reduced by a vast 30% while the fuel consumption for hotel operation showed savings of up to 50%.

The performance of the yacht is perfectly in line with today’s superyachts offering a cruising speed of 15.5 knots with a range of over 4500nm at a 13 knots passage speed.

“Developing the G180H was very rewarding.” Björn Moonen of Ghost Yachts explains. “In the beginning I approached the project with suspicion rather than enthusiasm. I was convinced that a hybrid system would be too complicated, too big and too expensive to build.” he continues. “The Imtech engineers were clearly not sharing my opinion. They developed the hybrid system’s layout with my concerns as starting point. When I saw the first technical layout and reviewed the space requirements, the enthusiasm started to grow, especially when we reviewed the overall efficiency data. It was impossible not to be excited by the enormous potential of the system.”