Gray Design reveal new superyacht design

Gray Design reveal new superyacht design

Traditions must be challenged periodically and the 100m superyacht, Sovereign, from Gray Design has the daring and wit to be a serious contender. Designed for kings, queens and monarchs, the Sovereign‘s strict lines and well appointed detailing place it in a class where only the best is tolerated.


Maintaining only three decks over the entire length of the yacht gives her an extremely low profile by current standards and the echoes of automotive design are deafening. Taking design cues from exclusive limousines and borrowing the style of chauffeur driven carriages give proportions that are both stately and sophisticated while at the same time having an athletic stance that hints at the rapid transitions she makes between marinas.

The features list is long and several details cannot go unnoticed at first glance. The wind turbine in the mast coupled with the solar panels covering the roof of the yacht supply clean energy for lighting systems and reserve power supplies that can be topped up whenever the sun shines or the wind blows.

The retractable cover at the bow of the yacht keeps the area cool and can be raised to form a sun shade over the jacuzzi on a hot day. At the aft end is the infinity pool which can keep water circulating around the reinforced glass helicopter pad for an invigorating swim.

Accommodations feature an excessive owners suite on the top deck which stretch from the aft owners deck through to the bow owners deck including the atrium located under the glasshouse beneath the pilothouse. In addition there are 10 guest suites with provisions including a nightclub, cinema, gym and library.

In true Gray Design style, the Sovereign comes with the optional custom built limousine that parks in the garage alongside the seaborne tenders. This can be lifted onto land using the on-board cranes whenever an excursion in style is needed around the port area. Powering this great vessel are three MTU Engines and top speeds are estimated at 30 knots.