Havoort's 61-metre Just J's – the yard's biggest yacht – has been cruising in the Bahamas following her launch in 2015.

With exterior and interior styling by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, and naval architecture from Diana Yacht Design, Just J’s launched late last year, and in these photos is shown cruising off Nassau in the Bahamas.

Hakvoort Just J's

The main deck lounge with a dining area forward. Photos: Dick Holthuis

“Despite the large windows in the main deck forward section, the yacht has an elongated look. She looks longer on the water because of her partly closed foredeck, and the balance between the superstructure and the hull. This is enhanced by the style of the mast and the sundeck, with the comparably large observation area on the sundeck,” says Sander J. Sinot of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design.

Hakvoort Just J's

A sociable bridge deck family space

With an owner’s deck between the main and bridge decks, there is plenty of volume on the Hakvoort Just J’s. “She has an incredible amount of volume for a boat of her size; you would be hard pressed to find another 61-metre yacht with the same amount of space. She is truly outstanding,” says her captain, Eric Edscorn.

Hakvoort Just J's

Doors either side for the yacht’s sizeable garage

While the feel of each space is distinctive, they are themed by deck. “We did not need every single space on the yacht to be unique. They are all recognisable as belonging to Just J’s, and the materials and the architectural detailing are consistent throughout. The unifying style is contemporary modern overall,” says Paul Costerus of Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design says. “The owners wanted to create a yacht atmosphere combined with the informal feel of a beach house. Connecting the outside with the interior of every lounge and every stateroom is important. We created spectacular lines of vision in every direction, with large windows providing grand views to the outside. This was a major part of the brief, and it worked out particularly well on this project.”

Hakvoort Just J's

A centrepiece lift on the main deck

Just J’s main deck features four guest cabins and a VIP suite, while the owner’s deck above has a  private lounge, an aft dining space, and a private deck forward with hot-tub and breakfast ‘nook’. The most eye-catching feature in the master suite is the dome-shaped ceiling and skylight. “One can lie in bed and look up at the stars. Combined with the windows, this ensures an almost unlimited view of the ocean and the sky. You feel like you are outside, at one with the environment,” says Paul Costerus.

Hakvoort Just J's

The big skylight in the owner’s suite and a great connection with the outside

The bridge deck above also has a lounge – an area for family socialising and TV watching – while the sundeck above, which is characterised by blue-green and aqua tones used throughout the yacht, offers a whirlpool bath and swimming pool with tiling designed by the owners. There are two further guest cabins on the lower deck.

“The owners are very discriminating buyers and very detail oriented. This is one of the reasons why we chose Hakvoort to begin with. We can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the attention to detail and the level of finishing did not disappoint,” says Captain Edscorn.