Italcraft launches latest take on the 'open' concept

Italcraft launches latest take on the 'open' concept

Italian boatbuilder Italcraft claims its new Italcraft 90 represents a real alternative to the numerous open boats currently on the market by offering what it considers a ‘truer’ reflection of the original ‘open’ concept.

According to the builder, part of the Inrizzardi group, the new 90 offers a return to the original ‘open’ experience with its outdoor space maximised to the full:

“All design efforts concentrated on maximising the expansion of the craft’s three open areas; astern with a spacious cockpit furnished with three large sofa-chaise lounges, at the bow with a veritable living room, complete with an ample ‘C’ shaped sofa and double sundeck, and on the upper part of the superstructure, with an exclusive sunbathing area. Each of these areas represent autonomous and independent areas, for the privacy of the guests on board,” the boatbuilder said.

Below deck, two symmetrical staircases lead from the bridge, on the left side, to the four cabins each with private bathrooms while, on the right side, they give access to the large kitchen and its connecting crew area. This area includes two double cabins and a private bathroom. The main deck allows access to the sundeck that includes a rollaway staircase which, when not in use, can be returned back into the signal mast area, thus clearing the cockpit.

The second Italcraft 90 is currently under construction at its shipyard in Gaeta.

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