Further renderings have been launched of Oceanco's Moonstone, which sports a multi-faceted hull that makes a continuous play of light and reflections from the water.

Based on Oceanco’s existing 90-metre platform, the Oceanco Moonstone has been styled by Van Geest Design with Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design. The most striking aspect of the project, unveiled earlier this year, is the series of hull panel lights that are triggered by 300 individually dimmable white triangles each side to create unlimited lighting possibilities. The latest rendering show how these work in practice at night and during the day.
Oceanco Moonstone
“Moonstone is based on inspiration that is recognisable by all. Who does not know the effect of the twinkling water on a sunny day or the reflection of a diamond? Moonstone is designed to suit that state of natural beauty and to even evolve in the hours after sunset. At night the twinkles are replicated by Moonstone to play with its surroundings,” says Van Geest Design.
Overhead panels further enhance the experience on board, with guests able to choose the colours based on mood and ambience. The yacht’s GA includes an owner’s deck, cinema and wellness area.
Oceanco Moonstone

“The powerful colour impact is built into Moonstone’s design for one to curate an ongoing experience with the yacht as a medium. It can be video art or a series of images and lighted surfaces, from plain colours to underwater scenes, from vibrant kaleidoscopes to camouflage settings. The possibilities are endless on board and from ashore,” says Van Geest.