Having seized the opportunity to buy the 23.5m (77ft) and 26.5m (87ft) moulds from Warren Yachts earlier this year, Mustang is now developing its plans to serve this new sector of the international yachting market.

The Australian motoryacht manufacturer has gradually been working up the size range and the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in 2010 will see the start of its graduation into the superyacht level.

Mustang acquired the moulds because a key part of its design development is to bring European styling to its models. This has already happened with its new 550 Sports Euro and 550 Sports Coupe. These near 18.3m (60ft) yachts are already selling but will debut at Sanctuary Cove in 2010. 

The company’s plans for larger craft using the Warren moulds will also start to emerge at the show. They will be launched in concept and then developed further. Mustang will only build yachts to these designs to order.

Chris Heaton, CEO, says that buying the moulds “was not in our plans. The opportunity presented itself and we took it”. He pointed out that the company will now spend time “tidying them up and modernising them” and be ready to show the progress made at Sanctuary Cove.