Amateur footage released today shows Steve Jobs’ Feadship Venus being transported down Oud-Beijerland creek in Holland. The video reveals more of the yacht, which broke cover two weeks ago, in particular its distinctive shape, slanting stern and sharp angular profile. It also highlights just how vast are the deck spaces on this 78.2-metre, designed by Philippe Starck.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newhour recently, Starck said Jobs wanted a minimal design. “Definitely we are always speaking about this idea, this philosophy of the minimum, but on one side you have an electronic product and on the other a boat, a big boat.

“It’s something else. It is a Steve Jobs work,” said Starck. “It is not like a lot of megayachts showing the vulgarity of money. It’s a boat showing the elegance of intelligence.”

Jobs, he added, brought his trademark perfectionism to the build. “You cannot imagine the work we have done on all the details during five years with Steve,” he said. “Everything is incredibly well done, even a lot better than other boats.”

Jobs reportedly found the final results better than anything he had imagined when he last saw the ship before his death in October 2011.