A new world record for the largest single continuous infusion — with 6.3 tons of resin flowed in over four hours — has been achieved at RMK’s shipyard in Turkey during the construction of the first Oyster 125 superyacht.

This hull has now been successfully released from its mould after post curing in a purpose-built 40m (131ft) oven.

An Oyster spokesperson said: “We didn’t set out to break a record and it was only when the process was well under way that we realised we had just broken the previous world of 6t.”

Oyster points out that the moulding of its new 100ft and 125ft superyachts uses an advanced aerospace standard composite injection system — developed to produce a consistent high strength-to-weight laminate in a controlled and environmentally friendly process.

Fit out of the first Oyster 125 is now underway and the yacht will be on the water before next summer.