Perini Navi Group win sales contracts for 60m sailing yachts

Perini Navi Group win sales contracts for 60m sailing yachts

The Perini Navi Group has launched a new series of 60m sailing yachts and already signed two sales contracts worth over €70 million.

The two yachts, a ketch C. 2193 (pictured) and a sloop C. 2218, will be delivered in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

This new 60m range of Perini Navi sailing yachts is a natural evolution of the 56m Perini series, which includes ten sister yachts that have already been launched.

The new hull line in the 60m range is slimmer, which makes for a faster yacht. The lifting keel has a new vertical geometrical position that makes it more efficient and quicker to lift. The layout has been completely redone with a lighter structure and a leaner deckhouse.

This range differentiates itself from the previous because it has an abundance of outdoor deck areas, including two cockpits, one fore and one aft.

The positive news comes after last year’s successful delivery of four yachts, three sailing yachts and one motor yacht, as well as the signing of a contract for a 45m sailing yacht.

The Perini Navi Group recently released a statement that revealed their order portfolio for 2010 stood at €126 million, with a production growth of over 10%.