Return from North Pole

Return from North Pole

Chris Cecil-Wright, the Monaco based superyacht broker who set off to walk to the North Pole with his expedition Two Feet On The Table has been successful in reaching his goal.

He reports that the team exceeded all expectations by travelling at over 20 nautical miles per day against a planned progress of around 6 nautical miles per day.

Good ice condition, positive drift, and a tail wind of 20 knots contributed to the team’s fast progress.

Writing about his experience he says, “High tech kit and a good level of fitness meant that the physical exertion of burning 10,000 calories per day was manageable. We had not however, been prepared for the complications caused by ferociously low temperatures. Exposed skin burns in minutes, water bonds like superglue, chocolate turns to stone, lips stick to metal, damp socks stiffen like wood and breath in the tent falls like snow. The technique of sleeping with clothing that would be needed the following day was the only answer. This ensured that gloves, jackets, boot liners etc stayed pliable but led to our sleeping bags becoming heavier as the moisture collected in the bag’s fibre as ice.”

While the expedition was most certainly a personal indulgence on his part, it gave Chris the opportunity to promote Nick Baker’s Aqualung Trust. Funds raised, will help towards the funding of Encompass’ next voyage of understanding, the construction of 2 new clinics in Nepal for Merlin and the funding of an acupuncture trial at The Institute of Cancer Research.