Same Manager, Cheaper Service

Same Manager, Cheaper Service

Andrew Williams has left Yacht Managers Hill Robinson to work for himself setting up a Williams Yacht Services whose principal activities will be ISM/ISPS management, mini-ISM, general yacht management and consultancy. He has already been issued with a Document of Compliance by the Cayman Islands.

He is aiming to gain market share by offering these services at below current market rates and has already signed up a 50m motor yacht for ISM/ISPS.

The yacht, previously under full management, wanted to reduce running costs as much as possible. The financial accounting function, previously undertaken by the yachts former management company is now handled by the captain with the only outsourced aspect, ISM/ISPS for statutory compliance being handled by Williams. By paring down the management in this fashion the owner of the yacht is saving 80% of what he previously paid in fees

Williams has been involved in the industry from the early stages of yacht regulation and its implementation and when working for Camper and Nicholsons was responsible for Thunder Gulch becoming the first yacht anywhere to be issued with a SMC (Safety Management Certificate) when ISPS was introduced and was responsible for Lady Ann Magee becoming the first UK flagged vessel of any type to be issued with an ISSC (International Ship Security Certificate)

Williams will work from his home in Roquefort les Pins, a village half way between Nice and Grasse, 10 miles from Antibes.