Seawork 2011 innovation award for msv explorer

Seawork 2011 innovation award for msv explorer

An amazing new sub-surface viewing craft, the MSV Explorer, designed by Chris Garner and built under licence by GRP Laminates, has won the Seawork 2011 Award for Innovation, in the category of Diving and Underwater Technology.

MSV Explorer Limited was delighted to receive the Seawork International Award for Innovation, for the revolutionary MSV Explorer, a radical new self-propelled, sub-surface viewing pod designed by Chris Garner. This unique vessel was launched at last week’s show, together with a purpose-designed 13-metre launch and recovery catamaran, the SP02.

The MSV Explorer and SP02 support vessel were designed by Chris Garner, whose personal passion for the marine environment, drove him to develop a versatile, and safe way for non-divers to enjoy the underwater world. He originally devised the lifting mechanism on the catamaran to assist in the rescue or stranded whales and dolphins.

Both the MSV Explorer and the SP02 lifting catamaran are built in the UK, at Cowes on the Isle of Wight by GRP Laminates. The system offers safe, dry underwater exploration for a wide range of leisure and commercial purposes, and has already generated keen interest from dive centres, luxury resorts, marine research and other commercial operators.

GRP Laminates’ Martin Antrobus said: “We are very excited about the potential of the MSV Explorer and are delighted that Chris’s innovative design has been recognised by leading experts from the diving and underwater technology industry.”