YPI hosts Monaco Yacht builders seminar with FIPA Italiana Yachts

YPI hosts Monaco Yacht builders seminar with FIPA Italiana Yachts

“It is so refreshing to be able to meet face-to-face the top people and decision makers from the quality shipyards… this is the new face of yachting.”

The words of one broker at the 2nd YPI Yacht Builders Seminar which took place at the Monaco Yacht Club on Wednesday. Following on from the success of the Feadship reunion in June last year, YPI took the chance this time to present one of yachting’s best kept secrets: the powerful FIPA Italiana Yachts.

“People are always pleasantly surprised when they come to visit our sites in Viareggio,” explains FIPA Head of Sales, Luca Guidetti. “For 30 years we have been building yachts based on a solid reputation communicated by word-ofmouth. That says a lot for our work.”

Founded in the 1970s, FIPA Italiana Yachts is a family-run business and YPI welcomed five of its team to Monaco including Technical Manager, Bruno Bonini, Alessandro Greco, naval architect on the AB 166, Rudolph Berglehner, Head of Marketing, Giacomo Benelli, Sales & Marketing and the group’s founder Francesco Guidetti.

Made up of four major Italian yachting brands – AB Yachts, Maiora, CBI Navi and Intermare – FIPA now builds custom yachts in GRP, steel and aluminium, Kevlar and carbon from 20 – 80 metres in length.

“The Group is responsible for some truly inspired designs and constructions,” says YPI Senior Consultant and Seminar organiser Eric Althaus. “Intelligent acquisitions over the years have resulted in a team with a vast and far-reaching experience in yacht design and construction.”

FIPA Head of Sales, Luca Guidetti, delivered a presentation to a packed session of brokers, designers and industry, giving an in-depth andexclusive look at some of the latest models including the much-talked about AB166.

“Today we have to do things differently,” says Bertrand Vogèle, YPI Group CEO. “Yards need to communicate more with the brokerage world and vice versa. I am proud and pleased our YPI Seminars are taking significant steps in that direction.”

YPI Brokerage is now the exclusive CA for two of the Group’s new releases – the AB166 and the AB116, due for delivery in June this year.

“Both yachts are stunningly fast,” explains YPI Broker Will Allen. “The AB 166 reaches speeds of up to 50 knots and with one of AB’s most renowned qualities being the construction of fast yachts that don’t vibrate at speed, it’s an accomplishment that can actually be enjoyed. The sensation you get is one of flying over the water rather than actually touching it.”

Attendees at the Seminar also had an insightful look into the state of yacht building today and some of the battles the industry now faces courtesy of Theo Hooning, Secretary General of the superyacht builders association, SYBAss.

“SYBAss is a body that is genuinely working hard to make a difference for yacht builders and the industry as a whole,” says Head of YPI Management Franc Jansen. “This whole area of yachting is going through some monumental changes today; focusing on these changes and ensuring the industry is protected has to be top priority for all of us.”

Yachting Partners International (YPI Group) is working to improve communications and transparency throughout the yachting industry. “Better informed brokers means better informed clients,” says Eric Althaus. “Clients with the confidence to invest in yachting means a healthier industry and that has to be what we are about.’