The LSN (Life Safety Now) system functions as an early-warning perimeter protection system to detect and protect against unwanted intruders approaching a superyacht. Utilising proprietary radar and software, the LSN establishes a 360˚ perimeter around the yacht to detect intruders entering a crew designated ‘protection zone’.

“There are early warning alarms for most on-board systems, but not for the protection of the yacht’s perimeter,” says David M. Zutler of Zutler Special Services, the developer of the LSN (Life Safety Now) system. “The LSN fulfills this need.”

The protection zone is patrolled by the LSN’s state-of-the-art, high-speed (60rpm) radar, which is not only unique due to its speed, but also because of its ability for locked-on tracking of fast-moving targets such as RIBs and Waverunners. Measuring just14in by 17in, the LSN radar is encased in a low-profile dome so that it can be easily incorporated into new or existing mast configurations.

Another benefit of the LSN radar is its radiated power output of only 0.5W. This extremely low output means it can be operational while in a marina or close anchorage environment, where many tender thefts, intrusions and other confrontational situations occur. Navigational radar because of its high-radiation output cannot be used in these environments.

Once an intruder is detected by the radar, thermal-imaging/CCTV cameras lock on to the target, and continuously track its movements while in the ‘protection zone’. The intruder or intruders can then be viewed on designated security monitors, or additional selective monitors throughout the yacht.

In addition, the LSN has the ability to transmit on-board intrusions, medical emergencies, silent distress notifications, fire, etc, to a secure land-based 24/7 monitoring station. The ability for early detection greatly increases the possibility of a timely and appropriate crew response.

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