Avocet sports car

Avocet sports car

Superyacht designer Mike Reeves has unveiled his vision for a streamlined sports car at the historical RAC Club in Pall Mall, London.

The latest Avocet is a collaboration between the Lymington-based superyacht design firm Claydon Reeves and MMI  Sports Cars with the aim of delivering an affordable road car to the motoring enthusiast which won’t leave them in the dust on track days.

The car is an evolution of the Strathcarron SC5A, which was initially powered by a Triumph motorcycle engine. Apart front the side air intake the Avocet has been completely transformed with an aluminium honeycomb chassis mid-section, front and rear steel sub-frames, double wishbone suspension at the front and a deDion tube at the rear.

The muscular design is propelled by the 150bhp Ford DHE420 2-litre engine – the car displayed at the RAC has a modified 220bhp version – and six prototypes have been built so far.

“Many of the skills and techniques that I honed in automotive design are now applied to my work as a yacht designer,” said Reeves.

“The Avocet demonstrates the studio’s broad spectrum and versatility. We can offer a complete design service taking in product design, automotive/transportation design, as well as yacht, residential, and jet assignments.”

Several variations have also been developed, including a Spyder and removable hard top versions as well as electric propulsion.

For more information see www.claydonreeves.com