Advanced technology firm U-Touch has teamed up with ANT to offer a range of superyacht-friendly classroom equipment for use on board. With more and more owners embaking on extended global cruises with a young family aboard their superyacht, there is a greater demand for specialised electronic classroom kit to support the work of on-board tutors.

The latest generation of touch-screen LCD panels offer a high degree of interactivity for children. U-Touch’s ‘Touchwalls’ mean that kids can draw all over the walls or the bulkheads with a multicolour ‘Brush’ – with no mess to clean up afterwards. 
The new U-Touch Lite range (above) has HD resolution, is internet ready and also features a TV tuner. For bigger spaces, there is U-Touch’s new Interactive Video Wall with True Multitouch in which a number of 110in displays are combined (below). These feature safety glass and anti-reflective coating, and the system has an optional built-in PC, audio and speakers.


In addition, U-Touch can produce custom products in-house, with ANT offering a specialised service for installation, offering a bespoke solution for any superyacht and for any requirement.

“A primary theme running through ANT’s objectives is interactivity, to involve the student actively in the learning process while away from the ‘normal’ school classroom. With U-Touch’s new range of interactive video walls, and ANT’s extensive expertise in installing and supporting technology-based IT and communications systems on-board superyachts, owners can be safe in the knowledge that their children are receiving the most interactive of tuition using the most advanced tools, even while at sea,” 

says ANT’s business development director, Paul Cook.