VBH's interactive magic

VBH's interactive magic

The Beyond HD Interactive Video Wall, at 5 metres by 2 metres, is a staggeringly detailed display that can, of course, be used for watching movies and television, but the wall also shows 24 Megapixel animations that are generated in real time around a visual theme specified by the yacht owner – for example, a 3D fly-through of the yacht or a 3D virtual aquarium with life-size interactive fish.

Guests on board can interact with the display through its touch-control system that allows multiple users to operate it simultaneously.

Oculus YachtEye is a unique high-end tool for owner, guests and crew that displays location, heading, weather conditions and data on nearby yachts in real time. It is presented in a 3D environment using a custom-made model of the yacht and can be displayed on an iPad.

The Oculus YachtEye can now be extended with the MakkahPointer, so that guests can have a real-time visual representation of the direction of Mecca in relation to the yacht’s position. The system also gives you prayer times.

VBH first implemented the Oculus YachtEye on the 53-metre Feadship Hurricane Run and it is now incorporated on ten other superyachts.