The fisheries patrol vessel Norna has been converted to a 71.4-metre Briand-styled explorer yacht at Atlantic Refit Center's La Rochelle yard.

The owner of the 1998 commercial vessel Norna loved the strong lines and seamanlike poise of the ship built at Richards in Lowerstoft to operate in the North Sea and the Outer Hebridies, and wanted to preserve those elements but also convert her into a comfortable yacht. On his wishlist were an uncluttered deck for heli operations, outdoor areas for dining and entertainment, plenty of toys, and an interior that would include accommodation for 12 guests and a dedicated wellness space. Atlantic Refit Center put together a team that included Vitruvius Yachts and Philippe Briand for the interior and exterior design, and McFarlane Ship Design for the naval architecture.

Enigma XK

Taking on Scottish waters as Norna

The interior was a challenge because of Norna’s low headroom and cambered decks. The next challenge was to open up the interior to natural light, as the original vessel had limited portholes – over 20 1.2-metre windows were added to Enigma XK during the conversion. Guest accommodation is in five main-deck cabins, along with a wellness space and gym. The owner’s quarters have been structured around an open living area with a diamond-shaped sky lounge and plenty of glass for some wonderful views out. There is also a big skylight in the owner’s suite. Each cabin has been themed for a particular continent, with the main deck colour palette in wine tones, bright berries, fiery oranges and browns, with whites and taupe on the upper deck.

Enigma XK

The refit was completed in 26 months

Twin 2,237kW engines deliver a top speed of 18 knots and a cruising range of 12,000 nautical miles at 12 knots.

Enigma XK

A bright owner’s area on the upper deck

“We are very proud of the design work for Enigma XK that Vitruvius Yachts carried out on what is our first refit and conversion project. It has given us an opportunity to explore our skillset in a new setting, as well as challenging us to work in the framework of an existing vessel. We feel that the interior of Enigma XK carries with her the philosophy of all Vitruvius Yachts: that of efficiency, practicality and balance,” says Philippe Briand.