The 71-metre Feadship Utopia has completed a second refit at Feadship. With interiors by Michael McQuiston and Redman Whiteley Dixon, the yacht’s recent refit included a hull and superstructure repaint as well as a new HMSA Sewage treatment plant system which will allow for long-range cruising in all ports. A-Sea water cooled shore convertors mean she can also connect to 50 and 60 cycle power networks.

“The main reason to come to Feadship for a refit is to retain the essence of how the boat was built and ensure she remains of the highest pedigree possible in the world today,” says Captain Kevin Paul Collins.

Interesting features on board include a duplex sundeck 15 metres above the water, as well as a private owner’s deck that takes over the upper deck. The area includes a private lounge, outdoor dining terrace, gym and forward breakfast terrace. In the toy garage are, among others, two Laser Pico sail boats.