The Florida-based design team at Eramotive have come up with the Iris series, a trio of hybrid multi-hulled superyacht concepts in 45-metre, 75-metre and 125-metre forms. The curious elliptical superstructure shape allows for the maximum coverage of surface areas with photo-voltaic panels that in turn creates a projected zero-emissions cruising speed of ten knots.


The 125-metre version boasts a retractable helideck enclosure forward, as well as similar enclosures aft that allow use in all climates. The interior is up to the client, but Eramotive assumes a two-tiered main salon, VIP suites with saunas, multiple pools, an art gallery, cinema, grand library, and a tender garage with bamboo drop-doors. The 45-metre version features an array of sliding glass panels on both sides of the structure.

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