CBI Navi, part of the Fipa Group, has unveiled a 67-metre superyacht concept. The 675 has been designed by the Fipa Group in association with Giorgio Vafiadis (the designer of the 50-metre Aifos from the AB Yachts line, which launched last year).

In the early renderings of the interior there is no main salon dining area amidships – instead, there’s a dedicated media room. The main salon boasts a piano in the bar area, with the owner’s suite forward on this deck. A main dining area is in the bridge deck lounge, with a half-moon opening door giving a real outside/inside feel. The deck above this has a dedicated gym and spa area, and the sundeck above boasts a pool.

CBI Navi has recently unveiled a concept for a 100-metre superyacht. For more images of the interior of the 675, click here