Stefano Pastrovich has unveiled his latest superyacht concept, the 92-metre X-Ballet. Boasting some huge exterior spaces and a drive-in dock for a submarine, the explorer yacht has been designed as a platform that can be scaled anywhere between 50 and 92 metres.


“This yacht is my manifesto, a symbol of my style!” says Pastrovich. “It perfectly embodies the connection between inside and out. One of the functions of the interior design is to guide the eye to the wonderful world outside,” he says. Key elements of this are the huge windows, the use of the same wood for the deck inside and out, and the continuity of the ceilings inside to the exterior deck spaces. “Your eyes never make the distinction between what is outside and what is inside. It should feel like a beach-house, not an apartment in town.” Natural woods and fabrics throughout enhance this feeling, as does the vast terrace aft on the main deck.

Pastrovich has also used folding rather than sliding doors in an effort to open up an even greater space. “Some owners won’t like giving up control over the air-conditioning but most respond to the benefits of opening things up,” he says.

Inset 2

The yacht is clearly designed with some long-range cruising in mind, with a submarine dock and helipad specced in the 92-metre, with the continuity of styling themes throughout. “As an architect I have never understood why you have different designers for the outside and the inside – you don’t have different conductors for different parts of the orchestra!” says Pastrovich.

“The reason we wanted to be able to scale that yacht down is that clients want different sizes. In essence, this is a simple design in many ways. We can scale down the proportions to a minimum of 50 metres, and although this loses a deck the style and philosophy is the same,” he says. “If a client likes this design but says: ‘A 92 is too big for me’, we will be able to offer an alternative.” A 62-metre version sports a mezzanine deck.

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