Even Savannah's eye-catching metallic paintwork didn't steal the attention away from her hybrid technology for long, and she was soon christened the world's first 'million Watt superyacht'


Yard Feadship Year 2014 LOA 83.5m Designer CG Design

Why is she so special? Launched in 2014, Savannah’s hybrid technology immediately put her on the map, creating more conversation even than her striking looks and metallic paintwork. Her project manager Mark Jansen says: “When she was finally launched, we were very excited, and also a little relieved because it was a big journey for all of us. When you embark on a journey together with a team, it will always be part of what you’re doing next. Every build is special, and every build you remember, but on this boat the whole journey was completely different to other boats we have done. It was an intensive process, four years of ongoing discussions and meetings, and we pushed the limits, so I will remember it forever. We felt we built a marvellous piece not only for the owner but also for the shipyard, in a matter of technical aspects both exterior and interior, and the whole build team pushed the limits wherever we could. The hybrid aspect was special because we had never done it before. It started as a concept yacht, and then we did the engineering and built it, and then finally we did the sea trials. All the parts come together and the performance is as expected – that was a great moment for me.”


Outside of her engineroom, other technical marvels include the Nemo Room, a lower-deck salon port and aft with a huge window that goes from the ceiling to far below the waterline. “You have a lot of regulations for above and beneath the waterline, but not for halfway,” says Jansen. “It took about 24 months to get it all approved, and then three or four extensive tests with the supplier. But when you sit there and you look through the window and you see the sea going past, that’s another very special moment.”

Where is she now?: Cruising privately.

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