The IMAX Private Theatre – covered in the pages of SuperYacht World last year (issue 33) – could soon be featuring on a superyacht, if this 150-metre sailboat concept from Ken Freivokh and Yacht Intelligence is anything to go by. As well as a totally immersive movie experience, the Nemo Room – as the on-board theatre has been dubbed – promises live underwater CCTV images in high definition, projected onto the IMAX screen.

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All photos: Yacht Intelligence and Ken Freivokh Design

The team first had to ensure that the unusually tall space (covering the tank deck and lower deck) could be fashioned into a cinema. The owner and guests enter the theatre via sliding walls instead of doors, creating a seamless surround screen and completing the IMAX effect. IMAX also uses a dual 4K projection system to deliver crystal-clear images, and a microphone system that collects data from each individual channel in the speaker system and performs daily tuning calibrations. Each IMAX Private Theatre system has an image enhancer – a camera that reads the image on the screen and feeds back to the projector, enabling real-time adjustments to ensure that the on-screen image is perfect. Yacht Intelligence has also been working on managing the download of IMAX movie files, which can be up to 60Gb.

“With IMAX’s strict parameters and incredibly specific technological requirements, our first challenge was to persuade them to take us seriously, and prove that it would be possible to create a truly unique private theatre on a superyacht,” says Alan Bernardi, founder and managing director of Yacht Intelligence.

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“We always strive to be very innovative. We work to evoke an exclusive feeling by developing uncommon spaces that are fundamentally spectacular. The first IMAX cinema on a yacht will be just that!” says Ken Freivokh.

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